March 18 2014

Upon meeting the darling Parvati Shallow it is easy to understand how this force of Southern sunshine won Survivor: Micronesia at 25 and is a certified Kundalini & Hatha yoga instructor. One glimpse into her world and you realize how dimensional women should be; there's the success but more notably, there's wisdom, compassion and freedom. We knew this would transpire in Parvati's fashion sense and everything in between.

What's your motto?
"Il faut danser la vie"-Nietzche It means, life must be danced. I found the quote on a postcard in Paris when I was in high school and have carried it around with me throughout all my various travels and moves.

3 Fashion Trends you are most looking forward to this Spring.
Bringing back the 90's! I'm excited that we've got metallics, patent colored heels and big, bold accessories to play with!

What's your go-to outfit?
Living in Venice, I like to keep it casual. My go-to outfit is a pair of dark skinny jeans, boots (or TOMS) and a lightweight tank-- for a little edge, I'll throw on a chocolate brown leather motorcycle jacket when the temps drop at night.

We absolutely ADORE Kundalini Yoga. What are some daily practices you incorporate in your routine?
Kundalini yoga is fascinating! There are literally thousands of meditations and kriyas so it never getrs dull. To get my day started off right, I like to do a posture called "Ego Eradicator". Your arms are up in a 'V' and you're breathing rapidly, pumping your belly; this type of breath is called "breath of fire". I'll also practice this pose before an audition, a big meeting, or filming a show. Try it! I promise it will change your whole outlook in just 3 minutes.

What was the most valuable lesson you learned on Survivor and experiences since?
Going on Survivor for the first time in my early 20's, I experienced a lot of major life lessons in view of the public eye. The biggest of these was self-reliance, learning to trust myself and not getting caught up in other people's schemes. On Survivor, everyone has their own agenda and it's tough not to be able to really trust anyone. The first time I played was also the first time I ever experienced the sting of betrayal. It hurt and I learned a lot from it.

Why do you love your shape?
I love my shape because I am athletic and strong. I love knowing that I can rely on my body to carry me through my various adventures and challenges. I'm an explore and a risk-taker and my body is my support structure.

Isn't she a total gem? And we're in complete agreement: life is one big dance, so dance! And, the first stings of betrayal are always the hardest but you move on to bigger and better things. A big thank you to Parvati for giving us some genuine insight.