April 23 2014

With the sun starting to shine and vacation plans flooding your mind, it only seemed fair to get you excited with the perfect swimsuits for your body type. This week we'll start off with the best swimsuits for a pear body. Ladies, I know how much of a struggle it can be to find a suit that fits you both up top and swimmingly on the bottom. I don't want to see you in tankini's or unflattering one pieces let's dive in to some of my personal favorites:


1. The mid-rise suit. Albeit quite hard to find this swimsuit, it will extend the length of your legs all the while giving you lift in your bum for an absurdly sexy and complimentary suit. The trick with the mid-rise is ensuring that it sits about 2 centimeters short of your hip bones (naturally, this will vary based upon the structure of your frame) however, it is important to look for continuance. You simply do not want this swimsuit making you feel stout or unnecessarily bulge.

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2. Diagonal stripes. Before jumping to any unsexy tankini options you absolutely must try a swimsuit with diagonal stripes. It gives you both a pop of fashion, pattern and visually enhances height and decreases "width". That is to say, it makes you look super lean and masks some of the differences between your upper body and lower body. Try this and a mid-rise suit and you are sure to look like a total bombshell!


3. Focus on the ladies! When seeking a balance it is all about focusing on giving the ladies a great lift and even a playful ruffle or cutout. That's why shopping for separates makes this such an easy feat! You can have your mid-rise bottoms and easily pair them with something funky and sexy on top. Often times many brands will make great suits with underwire to give you a healthy lift. If underwire drives you mad (because it certainly bothers me!) make sure to find a thicker halter for some supreme cleavage. It'll draw attention away from your lower half and also make you feel like a brand new woman.


Let us know what you think, pear babes! We'll be on the topic of every other shape and swim for the next few weeks so be sure to check in! No matter what your shape, where you're off to, remember to #luvurshape.

Kiana Anvaripour, Founder & CEO