June 02 2014

dear dMondaine darlings,
Seeing as you all work in shapewear I would imagine you've been asked this looming question before: what to do with this muffin top? Honestly, it comes and goes and is clearly more obvious based upon what I'm wearing. When shopping, I remain conscious of what I'm buying and keep an eye out for the top-you can't really miss it! Anyhow, I know there are plenty of workouts and probably obvious tips but maybe you can give me something more?
It's wonderful when women have whatever conversations are necessary to address body 'issues', concerns or social stigmas. How did the muffin top (of all things...) become stigmatized? Well, let's put it this way-it isn't the models fault and it isn't your fault for having something extra. In fact, it is the notion of comparing it to something inatimate, chunky, and sweet like a muffin that suggests something silly and embarrassing. Anyhow, we'll put a minor halt on our rant and the social stigmas and give you some of our favorite tips to ensuring the muffin top becomes something more like a cherry on top!
1) Try your muffin top without sugar. We assure you we're not going to get into any fad diet suggestions or tell you that you can't enjoy the finer things in life but rather recognizing that when you're consuming sugar it is most probably going straight to your muffin top. And that is to say that one can't necessarily bake muffins without sugar, right? Instead of focusing on a minute to minute diet plan or starving yourself pass on the fat storing sugars and enjoy life.
2) Don't be a fashion victim. When you follow one too many trends you'll get lost in clothing that just doesn't work. It's always important for us fashion ladies to be present however, being in the now isn't for everyone. Be honest with yourself and style. Some of our top picks for Summer include, high-waisted skirts, sexy tunics and skater dresses. Pair them with some mid-rise undies and you're muffin top will be a thing of the past!
3) The Audrey saves the day! Often we hear the concerns of women wearing shapewear all day mainly because it is seen as uncomfortable or is uncomfortable. Knowing this, we created our Audrey to not only be comfortable but to minimize said muffin top and look killer while wearing it. It's a no brainer!
Hoping this got you through a totally trying question! We're always here to help and happy to share as many tips as possible to beat those pesky body parts.