April 28 2014

dear dMondaine darlings,
I have small boobs. There's really no denying it. I have been a 'victim' of the cutlets, breast tape and many a bra and at this point, I've had enough. I've been wearing a padded bra for years and most importantly, I'm now actively dating someone I like. On every single date, I'm afraid for the next feel up. I would never seek breast augmentation as an option, I just want to know what works! Help a lady friend out. Me & the girls really need it!
At dMondaine, our principle concern is you. You should love your shape for what it is and so should he! Not to say that you're ignoring your assets but often it is hard to remember that having a small bust is truly the envy of several larger busted women. Think about it--a plunging neckline, flouncy dresses, walking out of the house without a bra. Although these may seem like woes to you, they are the dream of plenty of women. Love it, love them. Here are some incredibly easy ways to accentuate your small bust. We've strategically picked our top 4 tips to accentuate a small bust and they are all fashion forward and catered to you!
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1. The question of the neckline.
After having perused the Internet on this question of how to appropriately accentuate a small bust we found some interesting feedback. Most blogs or informative websites, encourage smaller busted women to essentially cover their bust in order to create one through the illusion of fabric. While this makes sense, we also think it's important to show off what you're working with! A plunging neckline or prominent V-neck will highlight your collar bone (which in its essence is your chest) and with textiles such as jersey, cotton, or chiffon can create a naturally stunning illusion of cleavage. When seeking out a top or dress, these fabrics will lift and support thereby, exposing your ladies to accentuate what you do have. Our recommendation for plunging necklines and V-necks would be for the women who has a definitive waist. Since your proportions are there, the plunge will minimize the attention to your waist and emphasize your small bust. Should you not have a prominent waist line, go for the cowl neck or boat neck. With these necklines in mind, your bust is not hidden but proportional to the rest of your figure. It will create volume and in turn, boobs!
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2. Accentuate your waist.
We commented on this above but it really is important to draw any ounce of attention to your waistline. Upon doing this, your bust will become a larger portion of your body manipulating your gorgeous assets. Luckily, dresses are always trending and are the easiest way to play up dimensions and target your waist. This will also have you date ready in .5 seconds because you'll be able to throw on a darling dress and head out the door!
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3. Go sheer or go home!
Sheer is all the rage this season but find a way to have it enter your wardrobe all year round. When wearing sheer, no need to put on a terrible camisole to cover, use your bra as the perfect accessory. With your bra peeking through, it'll be a playful nod to your chest and emphasize everything you don't have. Sheer can be taken to work or out for this coveted date. S-h-o-w-s-t-o-p-p-e-r.
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4. Get your glow on!
This tip is probably the easiest to do after reading this blog post! Grab your favorite bronzer or some of our suggestions below and apply to your bust line. Be sure to avoid any kind of bronzer that has some serious sparkle to it because you certainly don't want to look like an orange disco ball. Another huge tip would be to apply well before you put on any of your lovely clothes, we sure wouldn't want your secret stained across your favorite blouse. A large, Kabuki style brush will give you a chance to contour around the prominent shape of your cleavage for a supremely luminous decolletage! If you have more time on your hands, we always encourage a good self tan. A tan is the ultimate illusion and it'll definitely make him come back for more!
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As we said above and will continue to emphasize it really is about loving yourself. A padded bra does nothing other than bring you closer to realizing how beautiful your natural figure is. You can manipulate and have fun but let's try to spend more time conversing about how important your unique shape is.