May 21 2014

Don't worry, you're neither last nor least. You've got that gorgeous athletic body that you may or may not be working your bum off for. Either way, a swimsuit is a daunting task. Most won't play up your curves and in fact, may make you feel like a little boy exploring how to wear a bikini. We knew it was super important for you to get some tips on the perfect swimsuit for your athletic figure I'll say it was pretty tough rummaging through tons of 'information' as to what works and does not work for you. While I agree with some comments, i.e. you should avoid high-waisted bottoms others seemed like complete jokes; not to wear a strapless when you have an athletic body. This is not true. There are plenty of athletic shaped women who have a bust and should they want to go for the bandeau I support it (hoping your girls will, too!) Perhaps some of you don't have a bust well, no need to scrap the bandeau. Check out our three tips below!


1. Get twisted! Okay, so they say no bandeau but I disagree. If you find a cute bandeau with a twisted seam this rouching bust line creates the illusion of a full chest. You can also opt for things such as ruffles or any sort of embellishment that highlights your decolletage.


2. Embellish those hips. So this tip for your athletic figure is obviously quite similar to the above but the idea here is to make your hips the focal point of your silhouette. Find a swimsuit that features this accessory at the hip in order to maximize an hourglass-like figure. In theory, this is almost like making your lower half wider in relation to your top half. Sounds confusing? Remember that fashion is art and constructed to manipulate the human eye so get your manipulation on, darling.


3. GO BIG or go naked. Big prints are quite literally made for you! You can really have so much fun with prints all the while elongating and enhancing your minimal curves. Prints allow to break up your torso and accentuating the natural curves of your body.

To see more shapes, head to our blog page! I've spent time collecting information and styles that are perfect for each and every body type. If you fall somewhere between the two, create an awesome hybrid.
Kiana Anvaripour, CEO & Founder