April 09 2014

Well, it has been exactly two years since I walked down the aisle to marry my one true love. This made made me sit and think about the do's and don'ts of my big day. Also, I've seen many a friend get married since and the constant conversation of: is the dress perfect? Who do I wear? Do I need a bra? feel nearly endless. As a lover of all shapes and silhouettes, having been featured on the Huffington Post discussing this very issue, it gave me a moment to reflect on how truly difficult it is to find the perfect dress and still feel like yourself on such a magical day.

To honor this plight, I want to share some insight and the decision making process I went through to ensure I had absolutely nothing to hide. You'll find my top four suggestions for finding the perfect gown.

My decision making process was far from simple. I knew I wanted Old Hollywood glamour except, I also wanted a backless dress. With backless in mind, I thought I would be sure to not only find the perfect gown but a way to look perfect in it. We often forget what would go under this backless number. After what felt like trillions of dress fittings, I was definitely not finding this backless dress I had fashioned. The truth is--it did not accentuate my natural assets. It did not matter how many rows I did at the gym, my back was not going to make it work. In fact, it made my shape look anything other than mine. Lesson learned: what you may believe to be perfect will not always translate. Back to the drawing board.


. At this point, I was a bit discouraged. I didn't necessarily consider the option of exploring a strapless gown considering I am a bit bustier on top. Hence the decision to construct my own dream gown. Being an evening wear designer and knowing the power of luxury shapewear I was set on finding a structured gown to solve my troubles.

The trick? Finding a neckline that slightly dips to give you both the perfect amount of cleavage and a gorgeous lean silhouette. As a tip for the ladies with smaller busts exploring a strapless gown: search for a longline bust that both cinches for added cleavage and accentuates your waist. Should you be lucky enough to get into a backless dress, an A-line silhouette is typically the most flattering across the board. After my debacle finding this falsely perfect dress, I thought it was necessary to create the Rita to at least accommodate every bride's dream: plunging neckline and backless.



I decided to add a bolero to my gown for some beautiful vintage inspiration. I had made this piece for many a private client in the past. Often times, brides are scared of going beyond the norm or finding ways to fit in to a gown that may not be right. A bolero or even a longer sleeve is the perfect way to avoid feeling uncomfortable. Let's be real--most of us aren't wild about our arms. This piece was also playful because it gave my dress another dimension. It was like having two dresses for the price of one!


I then sought to design the absolute perfect bridesmaid gown for my sister. My sister, being graced with different assets than me, with booty instead of booby, she needed a bit of help when it came to her bust. So, I figured designing a cowl neck with a plunging neckline would highlight her decolletage while giving her a dose of oomph. I definitely encourage this neckline for the ladies with less of a bust. It will be both sexy and shapely.

I want your big day to be as special as mine was. Even though, I missed Coachella and realized you may not always get what you was perfect. Continue reading on for much more shapespiration.