May 09 2013

I'm always pleased when my girlfriends ask me for dating advice. Now that I'm married, helping my ladies dress sexy when they start dating a new guy is one of my favorite hobbies!

We all know them: Amazing women over the age of 30. You concentrate on your career, you're fabulous, you're going on dates, and you're on top of the world! Then it gets a little harder; all of your friends are married and having kids. You've been in a relationship for a really long time and then all of a sudden, you're back in the dating world and don't know the rules anymore.

When you're planning for the date, there's a fine line between dressing sexy and overtly slutty. It’s always good to feel like a lady, but there's nothing wrong with flaunting what you've got! My girlfriends always show me their outfits and I say, “No, we've got to cinch the belt a little bit. I need to see your waist! What happened to the waist?”

I believe that when you start dating again and feeling good about yourself, the real key is to truly love what you're wearing. Whether it's a sexy set of lingerie, or a tank with a pair of skinny jeans - Everything that you wear, even if you're on a budget, can be sexy and sophisticated if you put your mind to it. I always think it's important to wear something that shows off your figure. Unsure about your choice? Ask a friend for an honest critique. If you’re going with a blouse, keep a few buttons open and wear a cleavage enhancing bodysuit underneath. It will leave just enough to the imagination.

At the end of the day, a successful date outfit comes down to understanding your shape, accentuating the positive, and feeling good about yourself.