April 30 2014

The weather has quickly kicked up here in LA and we're in for what is going to be one sweltering summer. Last week, we picked out a few of our top picks for a gorgeous pear shaped figure and this week, I decided to talk about my shape, keeping it in the fruit game, the apple shaped body. While people often say, "You're so fortunate to have such a large bust" or "You really aren't big boned at all, just some extra meat!" they haven't shopped for a swimsuit with this body shape in mind. It is a NIGHTMARE. Thankfully, plenty of places sell separates however, this is a total mission. It is one that involves trying on endless suits and being so close to seceeding to a horrendous one piecer. It almost wants to make you avoid anything that feels even slightly sexy or modern. The hardest thing is finding balance: where as not to focus so much on your bust and somehow readjust the extra lbs in your midsection. We're not hiding, we're readjusting! So, I thought it was extremely important to shed some light on the perfect swimsuits for an apple body. These are the best tips in the business and most importantly, they are coming straight out of my experiences.


1. Go vintage or go home! The vintage, pin-up style bathing suit will surely become a fan favorite. It is the best way to cover up without feeling like you're hiding. And, ahem, it is so stylish and there are tons of options! The idea here being that the higher the rise, the longer your torso, the leaner your midsection becomes. This navel grazing bottom will give you a flat tummy, all the while it'll scream trendsetter status.











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2. Finding a good halter. This will honestly be the best piece of advice I can share when searching for the best swimsuit for your apple body-find a halter that is both supportive and gives you the right kind of lift! Typically, it is best to find a thicker halter that gives you the support you need. When your ladies are at their absolute best the attention is drawn straight to your chest and your midsection gets left on the wayside-PERFECT! Also, this is an incredibly easy way to glam up your vintage swim look and is super easy to find as a separate. Many feature a sliding halter option which then allows you to find a comfortable dose of cleavage and not feel constricted by the straps of the halter. I suggest avoiding bandeaus (or strapless!) at all costs because they do not create proportions for your frame and in fact, make you look wider at all angles.

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3. Dark, solid colors can be sexy, too! I'm sure you've implemented this tip in your wardrobe because it almost goes without being said-darker colors, create longer lines. When talking about an apple shape, we are mostly concerned with the midsection, a rounder tummy. Keeping this rounder tummy in mind, if we are able to keep colors consistent and not get too distracted with funky colors and patterns we are thereby creating a much more streamlined silhouette where the attention is being evenly dispersed. Anyhow, I prefer a dark swimsuit because it ensures a great tan!

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Well, there you have it! As I'll continue to make note, it truly is important to keep your shape in mind when doing any of your shopping! It is all about you and your gorgeous figure-no matter which one does or doesn't define you. Keep up with us because next week we'll be talking about the perfect swimsuit for all of our hourglass ladies. We've got your back.
Kiana Anvaripour, CEO & Founder