June 11 2014

Last week I left you with my top styles for the perfect little white dress based on whether you're an apple or pear shape. It's important to always keep in mind that your body may or may not fall in one of these categories or very well may be a beautiful combination of all of the above! Fear not, these tips are my way of informing you to just take a little extra time next time you're browsing the racks to ensure you absolutely adore everything you purchase.


With that said, let's get back to the task at hand--the perfect little white dresses for our hourglass and 'ruler' like shapes.


You resemble something called an hourglass, show us what you've got! For this bevvy of ladies, dresses are a definite must have. The dress was ultimately created for you, with seams and curves designed to run along a quite specific silhouette. With that said however, there are clearly better options for you than others. For instance, go for a midi length dress. With this sexy and conservative length, your figure will seem much like your favorite runway star. Secondly, any dress that features a defined waist will boost the girls up a bit and trick everyone's eyes into thinking your bum grew over night.


images: 1, 2, 3

Your ruler body, RULES! You probably try to stray away from dresses because they'll often make you feel lanky or just lost in something that resembles a potato sack. No worries, we've figured out the trick! It takes a dress with form, details and even a cut-out or two for all those issues to simply head out the window. A dress with embellishments is an easy way to play up the dimensions of your body and redirect attention to your chest, abs, legs-all depending on what you chose to show off. Another great option, a darling A-line cut will not only give you a totally flirtatious look, it'll allude to hips that probably don't exist! Lastly, we encourage the column dress. While it is essentially the shape of your body, because it can be so clingy it'll give you a chance to mock your curves and make them have a total moment!

images: 1, 2, 3

Whatever your shape may be, the Little White Dress is a great way to kick out the black, ignore the color while still having a perfectly acceptable, gorgeous summer look! Check back next week for some of my other must haves for summer.
Kiana Anvaripour, CEO & Founder