January 28 2014

We figured it was time to share a bit of a behind-the-scenes perspective on the women who create, love and live dMondaine.

For starters, we wanted to introduce you to the woman behind the madness: Kiana. Kiana comes from a luxe background in ready-to-wear and has brought all the tricks of the trade to each piece we create.

A strong leader, a fearless fashion forward maven and a designer--how is she even real? Read on for more insight on the dMondaine woman.

What does it mean to be a dMondaine woman?
The dMondaine woman is fearless, sexy, smart, and desirable without being a total show off. She has "nothing to hide" but is respected by her peers. She is fashionable but tasteful although, she is often known to be a risk taker.

What's your motto?
I have a few. First, a little cleavage goes a long way!! Time in transit is time wasted. I cannot wait for cars to have automatic GPS so I can literally work when driving while being safe. That's what I miss about living in a big city. Multitasking while traveling to your next destination.

Three most necessary items currently in your purse.
Gin-Gin Ginger chews, black Kohl eyeliner, and Oribe Dry Texturizing spray for a bit of volume when i'm on the go. My bag is essentially like Mary Poppin's bag-I have to have everything in it so I'm prepared for any situation.

What should every woman have in her closet?
A go-to little black dress and a pair of high heel shoes that are both comfortable and sexy.

What's your go-to outfit?
That depends on whether I'm working or "in play". For work, a knee length high-waisted pencil skirt that nips and tucks in all the right places ( I designed and made myself from the collection that launched the line) and a sheer, airy silk blouse to show off my dMondaine and the cleavage it tastefully accentuates. For Play--we are fortunate enough to live in Southern California so I love to wear little sundresses. I also love pairing them with a cute jacket for when it gets chilly.

Why do you love your shape?
I think most women can agree with me that you always want what you can't have; four extra inches, less curve here, etc. This was definitely a challenge for me especially when I was younger, but one day I decided...You know what! I was born this way and I should embrace my curves and make them look the best they can possibly look. We all have our tricks.


We're always looking to hear your answers to these questions. Why do you #luvurshape? Kiana's candid invitation to some of her challenges and concerns are not only relative to us all, but ask a universal question. Let us hear your answers!