June 18 2014

As the climate changes, heart strings start to pull and things just plain heat up. Date nights can vary from World Cup games at the local dive bar to Dinner at Balthazar's. Leave it up to me. I've had every kind of date in the books and I've also dealt with the infuriating headaches of what to wear. In fact, I have dismantled my wardrobe, tossed perfectly useful things and fast fashioned myself all the way to the date, only to feel like a Forever 21 specimen. Keeping that in mind, I wanted to ensure I found twelve perfect date looks to accommodate not only diverse dates but, diverse tastes and bodies.


1. The Hike--While I find this to be totally ironic (taking a 'hike') this has definitely become a popular date option. It's laidback, zero pressure and gives you a chance to see if you can beat your man up the mountain. You may even begin questioning his abilities or just find it super endearing when he's a bit out of breath. It's really hard to be yourself in your workout clothes thats why I suggest infusing a little bit of your normal style in this hike get-up. This way you won't feel uncomfortable and will be prepared should he ask to chow down afterwards! Sporty meets sexy. Comfortable meets chic. The Hike will never be the same once you've nailed this look!



2. Picnic--You're swooning at the thought of a man scheduling a picnic, right? Of course if he does not plan it don't hesitate to explore this low key, darling date option. It's a perfect afternoon outing and you really don't have to think much about it. Leave Suzie Homemaker at home and pop by your favorite deli or market to pick up goodies for your date. I picked this outfit because I thought it was a really chic spin on a picnic tablecloth. Show a little skin, be flirtatious. You'll be surprised how much you'll learn about each other in this easy, breezy moment.


3. Day Drinking--He's invited you to hang out with some of his friends. It's Saturday and the best option is a BBQ and some brews. Perfect. You needn't take yourself too seriously in this moment. A cute pair of denim shorts shows that you're ready to party but also keeping it quite demure. If jean shorts aren't your thing (and they certainly don't have to be) a pair of your favorite jeans will be the most awesome substitute. Be cool. Comfortable. Don't get caught up in the drinking, this is your chance to hear and see who he is in another unique and social environment.


4. The Beach--Almost sounds like anyones most feared date! I mean, getting in a bathing suit for a date? This could obviously spark some insecurities but it's your moment to let your hair down and be the bathing beauty that you are! The beach is such a lovely date because the air is fresh, the sea salty, and the breeze is so serene. So that is exactly my pick is a looser, airy dress that is still feminine yet not overtly sexual (I mean, you're going to be hanging out in your swimsuit!) Get in touch with your boho vibes, it'll make it easier when digging through your closet for the perfect cover up. Pick up a book, read a magazine and enjoy relaxing with your beau. Have this attitude about your look and it'll be sure to impress.




So you're probably looking for 12 date looks, right? Well we wanted to give you an opportunity to dissect the above and figure out how to organize your wardrobe accordingly. Next week, I'll be back with another eight date looks that will solve any of the date picks I didn't already tackle. But, I want to know....what are some of your favorite date spots? Ideas for dates? Let's think about that! Hope I didn't get too cliche', pulling from experience these have been some of the most frequent and/or successful options. Can't wait to share the rest next week! Remember, it is all about you. Be you. Love you. #luvurshape.
Kiana Anvaripour, Founder & CEO