June 25 2014

Still heading on those dates? Perhaps the last were too daytime oriented or simply not your style. I knew I had to continue giving you more date looks that would somehow fit into your wild summer routine. These are my picks for four racier and interesting dates. Although I've been off the market for some time, I'm quite sure many of you have encountered these dates and dreaded the process of getting dolled up. Here's to hoping I've made this easier!


1. The Concert--Somehow you've landed someone who has the same musical preferences as you, rare. Take full advantage of this awesome summertime experience! The perfect outfit? A romper. It's both comfortable and shows off those gams. You can spice it up with a pair of boots or fun sandals. I typically head straight for a pair of edgy, comfortable tennies to complete the whole laid-back, concert flair. This look gives you a chance to be perfectly casual.

2. An intimate dinner--So he's asked you to dinner. Great. A few things might happen: 1) You may have to head directly to dinner from work but how do you keep this appropriate? 2) He hasn't told you where he's taking you...Is it barbecue or Italian? Do I dress it up or down? Yikes. 3) What's he going to wear? If he looks far too casual I may blow up his spot...Okay, we have absolutely all been there before. And typically, dinner dates do fall in the middle of the week and you've quite literally just finished your work day. Keeping that in mind, throw on your favorite pair of dark denim (they'll keep you looking especially slim) and a flirty top. Leave him guessing. Too much cleavage shows what you've got but not always giving the vibes you want to put out. Stay professional. Stay you. And of course, you should always be overdressed. After all, he didn't tell you where dinner was!

3. Dinner Party--Maybe you've invited him over to your married bestie's house for a good, old-fashioned dinner party. Maybe he's invited you over to his friend's place. Either way this is the absolute perfect environment for you to let your 'freak' flag fly. You can easily own this. That's why I suggest going for it. Pull out a simple, elusive dress, a pair of daring platforms (because you can always kick 'em off) and whatever your heart fancies.

4. The Wedding--He went there. He may have simply needed a date but he clearly was not hesitant to ask you to join him. What a great way to better get to know him and maybe throw a few hints his way as to what you'd look like in a stunning gown. Cough, cough. My biggest tip for this date is to chill out and definitely do not drink too much. While it may seem like the easiest way to get through this kind of date it is important to remain lady like. As a lady, you should definitely wear a longer dress and not flaunt too much. You have no clue who you'll be meeting at this wedding so, keep it classy! If you feel somewhat comfortable asking the colors of the bridal party, etc. that may be a great way to avoid looking like you want to be a super special part of their big day.

So, that puts us at my top 8 date looks. With four more to go the opportunities are clearly endless. Hopefully these dates are still rolling and you can expect to wear a whole array of things around him. Check back next week for more date inspiration!
Kiana Anvaripour, CEO & Founder