May 05 2014

dear dMondaine darlings,
Let's just say I wasn't born with much meat in my seat. I often feel like my bum is not proportionate to my body. Although I realize a few hundred squats a week would certainly give me something, I don't always have time to spend my days squatting. What are some fashion solutions to this 'problem'?
You would be surprised as to how frequently we get asked this is a concern but mostly a silent one. When dressing yourself, you're often concerned with a few main things: 1) Does it fit me in the chest? 2) Am I comfortable? 3) Is it on trend? While these are obvious questions, we are not always that concerned with accentuating features and/or hiding others. That's why your darlings are here to save the day! We've got some great fashion tips to accentuate your derriere and take down the Brazilian Booty workout from everyday to once a week; a squat here and there definitely helps!
1) Jersey all day. Jersey all night. Know your fabrics. This isn't that easy. When shopping, you are distracted by the lovely prints screaming your name or styles that are current and sexy. Although, knowing your fabric will help you detect a few important things. First, it can definitely assume the quality of the piece you are purchasing. Often times, production is being run on a cost efficient budget so fabrics are not conducive to long term wear, body type and climate. Secondly, certain fabrics will hang on your body differently. Take silk for instance. Silk can be a dream when it is tailored or properly constructed to be loose fitting. However, if it is a bad production job, it will bulge parts of your body that you didn't even know could do that! It's a mess. Thereby, our first tip to accentuate your bum is go for jersey. Jersey is a knit fabric and is a hybrid of wool, cotton and various synthetic fibers. It is typically made with a lightweight yarn ideal for year round wear. Get a Jersey dress, it'll lightly cling to your figure and draw some serious attention to your bum. It's as easy as that! Styles in jersey knit vary from occasion to occasion and should it feel too revealing, throw on some dMondaine! Shapewear is of course a great way to proportionalize your frame.
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2) Add Height. Believe it or not this tip to accentuating your bum is quite straightforward. Get in to your favorite pair of heels and work it! While adding height this is also an easy way to disguise your weekly bum workout. Wearing heels corrects your posture, making you stand straighter which then creates a shapelier bum and draws more attention to your curves. Keep in mind, you do not need to go sky high! We still want you to be comfortable and to be able to get around. Find a skinnier heel to even out dimensions. Other than that, height is not crucial! This is a tip you can immediately try and it'll encourage you to wear heels more often!
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3. Skip the girdle, focus on the waist! Everyone is going to tell you to try and minimize your waist and yes, this is totally true. The smaller the waist, the bigger your derriere. However, this tip is quite antiquated and is far from comfortable. Instead of reaching for your girdle, why not explore the option of a darling accent belt, high-waisted jeans, or a perfectly tailored skirt. A belt with a little bit of embellishment will draw even more attention to your waist. While your waist gets tinier, your bum will begin to appear increasingly more shapely. As for high waisted options, explore jeans, trousers or even shorts (we know it's getting warm!) Again, drawing in your waist and redirecting eyes elsewhere. Work on fashionable solutions this not the 1800s, after all. Here are some of our favorite ways to focus on your waist.
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This is all about loving yourself and finding the healthiest ways to emphasize and play up different proportions. We still encourage squats and perhaps an Instagram stalk of @jenselter but other than that, these three tips to accentuate your bum should surely do the trick! Let us know if you have some of your own tricks up your sleeve. We're always brewing up new ways to change up traditional ideas of shape.