March 19 2014

We got quite ecstatic upon seeing Orla Kiely's collection for Spring. All inspired by the adventures of Suzie from Moonrise Kingdom. Youthful, adventurous and delicate. Of course, it wouldn't be Wes Anderson inspired without a dose of vintage and a seemingly subdued color palette. Having backtracked we figured this post would simply not be spicy enough without a few of our other inspirations: The Royal Tenenbaums and current eye-candy, The Grand Budapest Hotel. This movie is so much more than meets the eye and is equally as adventurous as any Anderson pursuit does.
As many of our prior blog posts denote, we're totally obsessed with the notion of blending athletic and/or street wear with the opulence of fashion of fur a la Margot Tenenbaum. This has obviously been mimicked in many a collection however, we think there are a few distinct ways to Spice it Up!
One--it clearly does not have to be taken so literally. However, Lacoste L!ve is doing some super fun things and making a seemingly outdated Lacoste polo dress seem fresh and on trend. Our best bet is finding a cute cropped polo and pairing it with an edgy striped skirt--sporty and sexy. Two--A slip as a dress. Although she's busy smoking, getting dolled up and ignoring the likes of her husband, Raleigh St. Clair she is in fact ready to run. Our Victoria slip will not only give this stunning nude illusion but also nips and tucks in the most ideal of places. We opted for a leather coat seeing as it is nearly too hot to even need a jacket. Although her fur is to die for, the large lapel and color inspired this selection.
Etheline is clearly older but her style reflects a timeless elegance. Donning tons of pinks and pastels, she's clearly picked up on this year's largest trend. And how fun is a modern, sexy suit? It could be totally next level when pairing it with our Ginger as a sleek, styled camisole.