September 02 2015


1. Clothing that doesn’t fit like a glove

This could be the most important one on the list. Even if you can’t be bothered with the other four, make sure you pay attention to this one! You can buy the most expensive Chanel dress and if it doesn’t fit properly it will look like you bought it off the bargain bin rack. Remember size is just a number! It’s fit that counts. Make sure the garment is not too tight or too loose and flatters your body in all the right places. For example, as a busty gal I have the HARDEST TIME with that damn top button on blouses. Either it gapes and fits my waist (one sneeze and its over) or baggy around the middle. Make sure to find brands that work for YOUR shape and if you need to go up a size don’t sweat it.

2. Wearing the same bra from high school

FACT: most women are wearing the wrong bra size. What fit you earlier in life might not fit anymore. At this point, your breasts may very well be too big for your younger cup size. Getting measured by an experienced professional will give you the most accurate results. It’s free at all retailers and in my opinion the best of the best is at Nordstrom’s. They mean business about bras; no messing around. It amazes me how long women go without getting fit. And I get it. Sometimes you just want to believe you have stayed the same size for the last 10 years despite popping out babies, weight fluctuation or just getting older. Your boobs change but here’s the deal--the right size bra will make you look instantly slimmer. Can’t argue with that!

Budget may have a lot to do with updating your bras, but just like your shoes (that are seen) we need to get new bras. Nice clean fitted lingerie can add a pep to your step. I will never forget, one time I was fitting a very wealthy and classy women at Neiman Marcus, she was dressed to the nines. I’m talking about Louboutin heels and a crocodile Berkin bag. When she undressed I saw a safety pin holding her dirty bra together. I gasped out loud! Just because your bra isn’t seen doesn’t mean it doesn’t count. Your boobs are to be celebrated. They’re part of your femininity! Reward them with the right support!

3. Busted shoes

Do you often find that you can hear the metal in your shoes clanking with every step? That scratching ugly scraping sound? I am raising my hand right now because I am GUILTY. I destroy shoes. Because I’m a woman who loves her shoes. I once had several chats with the cobbler informing me to give it up on a pair of shoes I bought in London 10 years ago. I was devastated! They were my favorites, but it was time to let them go. Nevertheless a shoe anchors the outfit and just because they’re down by the ground doesn’t mean people don’t notice them. If anything, people hone in on shoes. So if your shoes look like your dog ate them its time to get them repaired or toss them in the trash.

4. Skimping on the details 

We can’t all afford couture and in this day and age. And when clothing is mass manufactured, it doesn’t always seem necessary. Having a tailor tweak hemlines and sleeve lengths can be the difference between looking just ok and looking a million dollars. For a more polished image, get your bottoms hemmed so they don’t drag on the ground or get caught between the heel of your foot and the back of your shoe. PS: They last longer that way.

5. Jumping on trends

There’s nothing wrong with sprinkling a few trendy items in your wardrobe but the truth is some trends just don’t work for everyone’s body. Classic silhouettes that enhance your shape and are tried and true exude taste and look good so stick with the classics. There is plenty to choose from that will still have you looking stylish.