dMondaine Brand Guidelines


​The dMondaine family of marks includes the following US Trademark filings:

  • dMondaine
  • Nothing To Hide
  • ResultWear

Instructions for using the marks on online and printed material are below:


dMondaine, pronounced "dee-mon-dane" is the brand name of the company and appears on all products. ​

  • ​When written, the first letter "d" should be lowercase, and the second letter "M" should be uppercase
  • No dash, apostrophe, slash, or other character should be written between the "d" and "M"​

Nothing To Hide

Nothing To Hide is the company slogan and appears on digital and printed materials of the company.

  • When written, all words should be capitalized including "To"
  • To signify the slogan is a complete phrase, we recommend italics or bold text be used ​


​ResultWear is the technology used in the construction of dMondaine products.  It defines the banding, stitching, shape, and fabrics used. 

  • When written, ResultWear should be written as one word with no space between "Result" and "Wear"
  • Both the leading "R" and "W" should be capitalized ​
  • The correct usage of the mark in a sentence is "dMondaine uses ResultWear technology to lift, shape, firm..."

*Note that "ResultWear by dMondaine" was formerly the brand name used on the products, but in April 2013 this was formally changed to separate the dMondaine brand and the ResultWear technology.​

dMondaine uses patent-pending ResultWear technology to lift, shape, and firm in all the right places.